Slave Bracelet in bronze and gold with Renaissance Style


This is our take on an ancient jewelry item. In India, this item is called a hath panja and is worn by brides. In America it's become known as a slave bracelet, as your finger and wrist are slaves to one another.
Our version features a hand-made bronze medallion with a very sparkly cubic zirconia stone set in it. It is all connected beautifully with a fine 14k gold filled cable chain and clasps at the back under your wrist. There are two places to fasten so it is a bit adjustable. There are also white topaz faceted stones at the back so that side of your wrist doesn't get neglected.
If you feel you might need much larger or smaller please message us directly with your measurements and we'll do our best to size it correctly for you.
This is a glamorous piece of jewelry! Wear it and feel beautiful!


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